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No rust. No dust. NOMAD. A reinvented ring-base combo scope mounting system NOMAD gives hunters and shooters the freedom to take the rings off and put them back on their rifle scope tube with ease.

  • Under-angled screw design reduces corrosion from the condensation and crud that collects in the sockets of the typical top-down screws on other scope rings.
  • Fabricated out of anodized Aluminum 6061-T6, an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy for superior strength, lightweight mass and corrosion resistance.
  • Four socket head cap screws to ensure an equal distribution of force for optimal solidity when mounting your rifle scope.
  • Placing the screws on the underside of the ring eliminates clutter and open up the top to display a smooth, sleek exterior design.
  • Wider Base for more action engagement resulting in a more rigid mount.
  • Available in 30 mm Rem (3.7 oz) or 30 mm Savage round/custom action (2.6 oz).
  • Ring Heights:
    Rem 700 30 mm Med – Front: 1.09″, Rear: 1.21″
    Savage 30 mm Med – 1.09″
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